Cheryl's Story

May 2018

"My name is Cheryl and I'm 47 years old. I was born in Merced and grew up in Merced. My parents were hard working and made sure that we had a comfortable life with everything we wanted and needed. We were loved, cared for and always encouraged to get an education so that we would not have to struggle. After the passing of both of my parents, I continued to fulfill my parents wishes of obtaining an education, graduating from Stanislaus State with a Bachelor's degree in Behavioral Psychology. During this time, I became pregnant with my daughter. I was a single mother with a great career and life. This was until the stress of single parenting, work and life became more difficult to deal with. I began to be stressed all the time and found that having a glass of wine in the evenings would relax me. As time went on, so did my drinking. What started with only a glass occasionally, went to having a glass every evening and then an entire bottle. This is when the world I had worked so hard to build began to crumble. After a period of continuous drinking, my family came to me and told me how they were missing the mother and sister I once was. It was at that time that they asked me to seek help so I joined the Merced County Rescue Mission to begin my journey back to sobriety. The Merced County Rescue Mission has given me my life back and most importantly, my relationship with my daughter! MCRM has helped me to love myself again through the classes we attend, the new family I have made and my rediscovery of my faith in God!"


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