Overcoming Giants In Our Lives

On Tuesday, August 21st, we witnessed the bravery of two of our recovery participants as they presented their “giants”. Based on the Biblical confrontation between the boy, David, and the Philistine giant, Goliath, our participants are required to identify major issues in their lives that have become major stumbling blocks or “giants” for them, such as self-worth, jealousy, and anger. The participants must find 20 scriptures that represent their journeys and complete action plans, including to whom they can go to in a time of need when they are struggling. The participants' presentations of their “giants” to their peers and the Mission staff are opportunities for affirmation, growth, and the releasing of strongholds in their lives. The “giants” become a resource for our participants so that, as they face other issues in their lives, they will have a model for dealing with those issues.

MCRM Giants - 08232018.jpg