Merced Bridge Housing & Respite Care Expansion

A generous donation from Dignity Health coupled with some matching funds from Merced County will make it possible to double our capacity in respite care and add a ten-bed bridging house for longer term transitional housing. These donations are aimed at providing needed expansion and necessary services while we work towards the development of a new campus.

For the past four years we have been operating respite care with only 10 beds.  We receive multiple referrals from Dignity Health every day and are constantly full and not able to meet all the need.  A second respite care house will significantly address this need to provide space for the homeless individuals being discharged from the hospital.  When homeless patients leave the hospital and go to the streets, they are likely to return very quickly to the hospital.  Respite care provides them with a short-term place to heal as we work to find them permanent housing.  During this past year with only 10 beds we were able to provide a place for 200 unique individuals to recuperate from their hospitalization.

Our partnership with Dignity Health and Merced County has been a real blessing.  Their donations and funding have allowed us to address the needs in our community as we care for people.