Dan's Story

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March 2018

"My name is Dan. I started to use drugs and alcohol at the age of 15. I was described as one of those, "long-haired hippies". I was young and thought, 'I'm just having fun as a teenager.' After a few years I became an adult, and the 'fun' turned into an 'addiction', getting arrested, going to jail, and eventually state prison. I've been to a number of drug rehab programs. I've also gone to college, studying about addictions to become a counselor. I have overcome a lot of personal issues and over the years have been able to find a balance in my life. I have been involved with the Merced County Rescue Mission since 2013 when I completed the Men's New Life Transformation program. I now volunteer a lot of time in helping with the functioning of the Merced County Rescue Mission. I serve as a driver, picking up and delivering donations. I am also a Resident Volunteer for one of the Transition to Hope, sober living homes for the Mission. I am very GRATEFUL and THANKFUL to be a part of the Merced County Rescue Mission."