Scott's Story

October 2017

"I was lost and stuck in the lowest point of my life. Whether I was drinking or not, my alcoholism was out of control, and in that dark place I had attempted to commit suicide. Fortunately I was rescued and taken to a place where I received help. My social worker talked to me about Hope Medical Respite Care, which was part of the Merced County Rescue Mission and said this would be a great place for me to go, especially since I was still recovering from a total knee replacement a month prior.

I became a participant at the Hope Medical Respite Care and immediately felt welcome and safe. I was treated with respect and compassion through the duration of my stay. While there, I learned about the Hope for Men, New Life Transformation Program, and I knew immediately that Jesus was calling me to continue my walk and recovery with the Merced County Rescue Mission.

Today I'm a disciple and peer navigator for the Merced County Rescue Mission in the Hope for Men program. I once again have joy in my life and have the opportunity to reach out, serve and love those in need in the name of Christ.

God Bless You, Scott"

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