David's Story

“My name is David Wayne Chandler.  I came to the Merced County Rescue Mission in December of 2012 because I was broken, and I needed some help.  I had made some poor choices and had taken some wrong turns in my life and was on drugs.

My dad, Wayne Chandler, was dying of cancer and my life was spinning out of control.  I was falling fast, and my life was a total wreck.  My dad passed away soon after and it hit me hard, but God never let go of me and I never let go of His hand.

Going through these trials was a learning experience for me.  I persevered and God helped me get through these difficult times every step of the way.  I am now 6 1/2 years clean and sober.

I have reunited with my mom, Margie, and new dad, Earl Tagge.  I have now moved on and acquired my own place to live.  I am currently a driver for the Senior Nutrition Program that contracts with the County to provide meals to seniors throughout the county.  I also help the Mission as a volunteer driver.

My life has changed, and I give God all the glory for working in my life.  I am grateful and very thankful for everything the Rescue Mission has done for me.  I am very proud to be a part of the Merced County Rescue Mission."

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