Ashley's Story

At the age of 15, suffering from anxiety, migraines and just being unhappy, I started using medications and prescription drugs.  In college I migrated to other drugs. By the age of 21, realizing that my life was a mess, I entered the Teen Challenge Program in Monterey where I spent two years. Following that time, I was clean for five years.

When I came home, my anxieties returned, and I fell back into drugs for two years. I was using meth and pain killers to cover up the pain I was feeling inside. My boyfriend at the time began mentally and physically abusing me.  Together, we ended up homeless and living in a car. The abuse got worse, and I began thinking about suicide. My parents helped me get into Marie Green for some in-patient care. After just 5 to 7 days, I was released and didn’t have a place to go. I was told about the Hope for Women program at the Merced County Rescue Mission.

I wanted a faith-based program, and I decided that was where I wanted to go. I was told it may take some time to get in, but within just a couple days, I was accepted into the program in February of 2018.

Through the Hope for Women program, God has given me back my voice and my self-esteem. My relationship with God is now strong and I have experienced His healing in my life.

Now I know that I am valuable, and that God has a place for me. God has rescued me from drugs and being abused. Hope for Women has done so much for me. Now God has given me a job, and I am even trusted to close the store! God has also mended my relationship with my family!

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